The Back Story

I created my first Ketubah for friends when my son Aaron was a toddler and Marc and I lived on Kibbutz Adamit in northern Israel. In later years, after Aaron started school, I also went back to school to study graphic design. After graduating, I spent the next 25 years producing annual reports, branding, going to meetings, dealing with employees and clients, and teaching and mentoring young designers.

When Aaron announced his engagement to Melissa, it was time to brush the cobwebs off my Ketubah design skills. I had long ago put away my box of water colors, fine brushes and calligraphy pens. I sat down at my computer, and, as they say, the rest is history.

Working with Aaron and Melissa to create a lasting expression of their love for each other — a work of art that would find a prominent place in their home, well, what can I tell you? This is a mother’s dream come true!

It also changed me. It was time to get back to something I loved — Ketubah design!

Since that wonderful wedding day, I have created life cycle family heirlooms for almost 2000 families. I would love to also be a part of your special day.