W H E N my son Aaron was a toddler and Marc and I lived on Kibbutz Adamit in northern Israel, I created my first Ketubah for friends. In later years after Aaron started school — I also went back to school, to study graphic design. After graduating, I spent the next 2o odd years — producing annual reports, branding — going to meetings, dealing with employees and clients — teaching and mentoring young designers …

When Aaron A N N O U N C E D  H I S  E N G A G E M E N T to Melissa, It was time to brush the cobwebs off my Ketubah design skills. I had long ago put away my box of water colours, fine brushes and calligraphy pens. Instead, I sat down at my computer, and as they say — the rest is history.

W O R K I N G with Aaron and Melissa to create a lasting expression of their love for each other — a work of art that would find a prominent place in their home — well —  what can I tell you? This is a mother’s dream come true!

It also C H A N G E D  M E . It was time to get back to something I loved — Ketubah design!