T H E  B E G I N N I N G of my story takes place in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). I come from a family of extremely creative people so I always had someone to look up to, learn from and make art with. Some kids dream of becoming doctors, or actors, or lawyers, or teachers. I was pretty sure from a very young age, that I was going to go to art school.

I  L E F T  W I N N I P E G at 18 to do what all Jewish kids from Winnipeg do — go to Israel for a few months. My few months turned into 12 years including getting married (to Marc), having a beautiful baby boy (Aaron), and eventually going to art school!

We lived on K I B B U T Z  A D A M I T, a small community of new immigrants with a handful of Israelis. There were always more important things to be done, and thinking about art school was going to have to wait. I spent my spare time designing kids toys out of plastic pop bottles, decorating for holidays, creating huge wedding cakes in many shapes, designing the occasional ketubah for friends and waiting patiently…

When Aaron entered first grade, I went back to school to become a designer. We moved back to Canada (Vancouver) in the middle of my studies (that is a much longer story for another blog). I graduated in 1988, and in 1990, together with fellow graduate Violet, founded Tandem Design Associates Ltd. In July 2011, I “retired” from Tandem to follow my path as a ketubah artist, and I guess artist in general creating new items for my etsy shop.

It had been 20 years since my last Ketubah design, when my son’s wedding gave me the opportunity to get back to my roots and back to doing something I love. I am putting the art back into my design!